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GALAXAN PLANEST: From Cat Tree to Cat Paradise

Never-ending fun with a unique petting design

To make your cat feel good, brushed, and entertained for hours on end, even if you’re away


the newly designed Cat Tree that keeps your cat comfortable, entertained, and massaged.


made from special recycled pulp and premium quality material.

Cat Nest

designed to help your cat relax and get cozy sleeping in a unique nest.

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Cat Tree Fun

Your cat can play, climb it upwards and downwards, jump, hide, and scratch their nails,keeps your cat comfortable, entertained, and massaged.

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Smart Petting and Massaging Ring

Smooth massaging teeth-shaped ring. Soft, highly elastic, and adaptable to small kittens and slim and large cats, your cat is smoothly massaged as he goes through it… again and again!

Robust and Eco-Friendly Material

Made from special recycled pulp and premium quality jute that are also waterproof, moisture-proof and scratch-resistant. What's more, it contains no toxic substances, and it is perfectly safe for your cats, also good for the environment.


   Original Home Decor Item

It will always look like a stylish highlight that perfectly blends with your home’s furniture and other decoration items. Makes Your Home Look (Even More) Stylish!


Smooth Massaging Teeth-shaped Ring

Soft, highly elastic silicon massaging teeth mimic your movement as you pet your cat, providing a soothing and engaging experience that your cat can repeat as many times as he wants!

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